Fairs and events

APRIL  1Caltanissetta,tasting…

In a cozy and simple atmosphere, we welcomed our guests for a tasting of our oils and more … THANK YOU to all those who with their warmth and recognition have made this perfect day!

November 14th, 15th, & 16th, – MIAMI / FLORIDA

5th Annual Celebration Boca Raton

Wine & Food Festival A Culinary Affair!  


Zurich – December 2013 

Inside the “Galerie Wild”: tasting and modern Art…

Tokyo March 2013 -Foodex

We have been represented elegantly inside the stand of Sayu Spa – our products have had a worthy

SOL Verona 2012

We were present at the International Exhibition of Olive Oil Extra Virgin ‘Oliva.Un great time for discussion and confirmation of the quality of our products.

Bell’Italia and Slow Food of January and February 2011 

Osterie d’ Italia 2011, Sussidiario del mangiarbere all’italiana1. A guide of a cuisine linked to its territory. The first volume concerns north Italy’s inns, whereas the second one is dedicated to central and southern Italy’s inns.

23rd January 2011 – We go back to the pleasant meetings at our favourite library, Modusvivendi, for the launching of DisOrdini2(Navarra) by Alessandro Maria Calì at 11am; Enrico Colajanni talks with the writer.

19th December 2010, the Social Horse Show organized by Scuderia Castelli will be disputed at Valmorea riding ground, (VA) Via Mulini,1117– The winners in the categories will be awarded our products –

Cronache di gusto”, the curiosity, article of 09/09/2010. Edoardo&Manfredi farm from Caltanissetta markets the “ Nichi”, a line of products meant for children with a very coloured packaging. It is a blend of Biancolilla and Nocellara del Belice varieties……….

GALLO OIL WINS AND FLIES TOWARDS B EXCELLENCE. It plays once again in a national championship!! We would like to thank all those who contributed to such a victory, by giving us unique emotions in an unforgettable season. AD MAIORA…..

HAMMAM – Friday, 21rst May – Minimum Fax party, one of Italy’s most active publishing houses – A happy hour with our products from 8.00 pm.

CIBUS PARMA 10-13th May – Another adventure ended up!! It was full of contacts and opportunities.

PALAUDITORE 25th April 2010 Palermo – tasting of the NICHI, the oil for children meant to strengthen mini-basketball fans before GALLO OIL vs. LUMAKA RC last league match – GALLO OIL olè…

BOOKS & BREAKFAST –18th April 2010 Palermo Modusvivendi – We continue our activity with Modusvivendi bookshop and writer Nino Vetri’s last novel, “Lume Lume”, published by Sellerio.

SOL VERONA 8-12th April 2010, Quality Extra-virgin Olive Oil International Showroom – We THANK all those who came to visit us.

BOOKS & BREAKFAST – 28th March 2010 Modusvivendi Palermo- Tasting and launching of the book” Niente accade. Niente4” by Elio Carreca, Sandro La Rosa and Antonio Musotto – Qanat Publishing and Visual Art.

RIMINI ORO GIALLO 21-24th February 2010- Pavilion B7- Stand 043 – 6°Quality Extra-virgin Olive Oil International Showroom.

EXCELLENCE SUNDAY – Palermo, IV exhibition of Sicilian products par excellence – An important comparison with the leading products of our land – We enjoyed great visibility thanks to the vigour of Gallo Oil basketball team which supported us on such an excellent Sunday, THANKS – www.domenicadeccellenza.it

We participated in Food &Italy 2009, a great success of communication within an international exchange framework. www.foodanditaly.it

We joined Sol-Verona 2009; thanks to this event we managed to modernize such an ancient product as oil. Furthermore, our extra-virgin olive oil, the protagonist of the 5 days, arose interest for its BRAILLE readable rear -label.

The stand turned out to be an alchemy of forcefully Sicilian sensations and colours which strengthened our image in Italy and abroad. Enriched by this new adventure, we would like to thank all those who gave us a unique comparison opportunity by visiting our stand.

Ready for next event!

Sweetly salty: Palermo 7 – 9th November 2008. Go to the event website