We wished to recreate the taste and smell of our land by preparing some unique pâtés which will lead you through a typical Sicilian gastronomic journey. Guaranteed delicacy, it is up to you to taste…

Capers and olives Pâté in EMG extra-virgin olive oil. Simple but typically-flavoured seasoning; it is delicious to spread on canapés and garlic breads. It may be used to flavour first courses and meat second courses.

Dried Tomato and Hot pepper Pâté in EMG extra-virgin olive oil. It is excellent to flavour canapés and to dress salads. Such a slightly spicy contrast makes it very good to prepare first courses or to give pizzas a more definite taste.

Wild fennel pâte’ in EMG extra-virgin olive oil. Extremely tasty and disarming, it makes a slice of bread unique. To use in order to enrich common first courses recipes.

7.05 oz.-size

Everything is strictly prepared in Sicily with Sicilian products (100%).

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