In the heart of Sicily, cradle of the Mediterranean sea, the Edoardo and Manfredi Gallo’s farm, boasts 5 generations of farmers. A family that, cultivating from wheat to grapes, from clover to sweet corn, and from sunflowers to olives, today has matured a real passion for Oil.

I would like to show you my passion: I am talking about memories, about a child who was having fun in his great grandfather’s farm, spending time among dozens of farm-workers that were following the rhythm of seasons, in cultivating fields and in sheep farming. My amusement was to imitate what the adults were doing, in the morning catching them up with the gig, and trying to study their manners, their dialect, their faces often shrivelled up from sun and tiredness. Then at sunset we used to go back to the farmhouse and breath the smells of the day.

Memories of a big farmhouse, where the Sicilian sun warmed up the land, at sight almost bare and burnt; the same land that, instead, produced juicy fruits full of lymph and among those trees, stood out the olive trees, coloring in a silvery-green, the surrounding landscape.

Many years have passed ever since and still today, when we do the grinding, we feel that particular smell made of spicy notes of tomatoes and aromatic herbs. The wish to ennoble something coming from my roots, my life, with and in the name of our children, Edoardo and Manfredi, encouraged us to dedicate our passion to this precious gift of nature: the extra virgin olive oil.

Supported by the efficient and modern oil-mill Arkè and Nature, we succeed in conjugate quality and tradition, making a cold grinding that exalts flavors and fragrances of our selections of extra-virgin oil. With their know-how about packaging and logistics, they take us from the field to our tables guaranteeing a complete quality in the extra-virgin olive oil factory. In the ideal period, when the olives are at half the ripening phase, we still harvest by hand; scrupulous in keeping unbroken the olives, and we make sure that they get to grinding within 12 hours.

Thanks to their know-how on packaging and logistics, they follow us from the fields to our tables by ensuring full quality in the extra-virgin olive oil factory.

Our Oils put taste peculiarity together with visual elegance, as a result of an enthusiastic work and of the will to carry out an excellent product from all points of view.

We have grown up.

In 2010, the wish to recover a part of our family tradition pushed us to take up a new challenge: Sicilian Delights, some original and unique recipes of Pâtés, Jams and Honey.

2011 appears to be the “sweetest” moment, the year of the handcrafted dove-shaped Easter cakes, the Nougats and the Panettoni, cooked according to San Cataldo – Caltanissetta traditional methods.

Such products aimed at enhancing Sicily’s flavours and colours and allowed us to become well known by Japanese and United States markets.

Our goal is to make you breathe the perfume and enjoy the flavours of Sicily.

Antonio Gallo